Forestry Business Financing Services

Forestry business financing is provided in the form of loan schemes, profit sharing schemes and sharia. The distribution pattern can be done through intermediary institutions or without intermediary institutions.

Types of forestry businesses that can be financed through the Revolving Fund Facility include:

  1. Industrial Plantation Forest Business (Hutan Tanaman Industri/HTI);
  2. Community Plantation Forest Business (Hutan Tanaman Rakyat/HTR);
  3. Community Forest Enterprises (Hutan Rakyat/HR);
  4. Village Forest Enterprises (Hutan Desa/HD);
  5. Community Forest Enterprises (Hutan Kemasyarakatan/HKm);
  6. Non-Timber Forest Products (Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu/HHBK) utilization businesses;
  7. Business to utilize natural forest with siline enrichment techniques;
  8. Ecosystem Restoration (Restorasi Ekosistem/RE).

The forestry business includes forestry businesses that are on-farm and forestry businesses that are off-farm. The targets for granting the Revolving Fund Facility include:

  1. Forestry business actors in the context of RHL activities, consisting of HTI business actors, HTR business actors, HR business actors, HD business actors, HKm business actors, HHBK business actors, Siline actors, and RE actors; and
  2. State Owned Enterprises (SoE) that has been assigned or delegated authority to manage state forests.

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