Organizational Chart

BPDLH is chaired by a President Director (PD) to deliver the tasks of the agency. The PD is supported by four Working Unit Directors and an Internal Audit Unit embodied in the structure of the BPDLH as seen below.

BPDLH’s President Director is responsible for the overall operations and regulatory roles of BPDLH, including to report to the Director General of Treasury at the Ministry of Finance.

Internal Audit Unit will be positioned under the President Director. The Internal Audit is responsible for carrying out internal inspection on the implementation of the Environmental Fund Management Agency tasks.

Director of Finance, General and Information Systems is responsible for preparing business strategic plans, business plans and annual budgets, as well as work plans and work unit budgets, managing budget, accounting, and financial reporting, managing human resources, general affairs, housekeeping, public relations, and information services, managing information technology systems and a database of the Environmental Funds, as well as coordinating the implementation of tasks. This Director will serve as an internal coordinator of the BPDLH. It will serve a secretariat function of the agency, including to make sure that the each working unit in the BPDLH are work in synergy.

Director of Fund Collection and Development is responsible for carrying out the preparation, implementation, supervision, and reporting of fund collection and development plans, mobilizing funding sources, formulating, planning and implementing service development and marketing, developing and placing funds in investment instruments, managing funding cooperation, settling Environmental Funds, implementing loan restructuring, as well as managing cooperation with custodian banks, commercial banks, and/or other parties.

Director of Fund Distribution is responsible for carrying out the preparation and implementation of fund distribution plans, analyzing feasibility of proposals, determining the object for channeling funds, delivering analysis on results to the Ministries/Institutions, custodian banks, commercial banks, and/or any other parties, distributing loans, program funds, profit-sharing and sharia-compliant funds, monitoring and evaluating fund distribution, as well as providing guidance to recipients of funds.

Director of Law and Risk Management is responsible for carrying out studies on legal aspects of rules and agreements, preparing the formulation of regulations, agreements, and legal studies, handling legal issues, documenting all legal documents, regulations, and agreements, as well as implementing risk management which includes overseeing the application of environmental and social risk management (safeguards) through a management system which will include the screening and clearance of environmental and social risks, as well as supervising technical advisors on environmental and social safeguards.

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